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MemberDeliver by Steve Benn is a new website coming soon all about MemberDeliver by Steve Benn of Refractive Media Limited, a cloud-based membership software solution, which is available when you >click here.

[Note: MemberDeliver has been closed to new members for quite some time, with no indication if and when it will reopen. An attractive alternative with similar functionality is FreshMember. To see if it meets your needs, click here.]

Steve Benn is a veteran internet marketer and software expert who has teamed up with fellow UK internet marketer Simon J. Warner to market MemberDeliver, which he originally created for his own use in 2009.

MemberDeliver is cloud based software that allows you to quickly create memberships for training courses using videos, PDFs, audios etc. that you host e.g. in your Amazon S3 account.

The MemberDeliver system integrates or will soon be integrated with online marketing platforms and payment processors such as JVZoo, WarriorPlus, DealGuardian, Clickbank, Stripe and PayPal.

Refractive Media Limited and its owner Steve Benn are based in Leeds in West Yorkshire, in the north east of England.

Steve Benn also collaborates closely with other internet marketers such as Simon Greenalgh.

Both Steve Benn and Simon Greenhalgh have spoken at Marketing Summit UK events organised by Simon Warner and Richard Fairbairn in Manchester.

Steve has previously also worked closely with major software companies such as Adobe.

While MemberDeliver was only released to the public in February 2015, it has been tried and tested over five years both by Steve Benn himself as well as a number of other marketers, for major launches including the successful Hydravid 2 launch by Australian Walt Bayliss in early 2015 as well as around 130 other online product launches.

There will be more coming, in the meantime, please click on the image below to learn how you can use MemberDeliver to quickly put products and courses online and have them ready to sell in minutes:

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MemberDeliver cloud-based membership software by Steve Benn of Refractive Media Limited

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